Austin Baby Guru is known for providing families with skilled and caring support after the arrival of a new baby.

Our team also offers popular classes that support early parenting. Our doulas focus on postpartum care. When an Austin Baby Guru doula is working in your home, you will be the priority. Your doula will not be on call for births while working with you.

Austin Baby Guru’s doulas bring a variety of skills and experience to the job with them.

Among the doulas we work with, there are over thirty years experience supporting growing families, training as an R.N., experience attending births in both hospitals and home environments, experience working with teenage parents, single mothers, adoptive families, and families by way of surrogacy.

We have education in infant sleep patterns and SIDS research, years of personal parenting, experience working in the mental health field, experience in the health and wellness field, experience cooking great meals for families, experience working with older children, and experience teaching classes to parents.

All of the doulas chosen to work with Austin Baby Guru have a background in supporting growing families.

They all go through training offered by Austin Baby Guru. This covers infant development, infant care, infant CPR, safe car seat usage, safe sleep and SIDS risk reduction, baby proofing, breastfeeding support and physiology, support of families in the newborn phase, identifying and supporting mothers with postpartum depression, standards of practice and ethics for our field, and baby wearing.

Allison Coleman, Owner

I am Allison Coleman. I own and operate Austin Baby Guru. I am a mom to four great kids, all older now. I was led to this work having had severe postpartum depression after one of my pregnancies. I know that new moms can become lost in the lack of sleep, struggles with breastfeeding, and responsibilities of having a baby.

Partners and family members may not know how to best support mom while they, too, are going through the adjustments of having a new baby in the family. I believe that parents can have an easier and happier start with support. I have been blessed to be able to offer this support in a variety of ways since 1998.

I feel strongly that it is our role as doulas to work ourselves out of a job.

We do this by supporting and educating families until they feel confident in their own parenting. I am happy to say that all of the doulas who work with me love their work. We all love watching families grow together. This love shows in our work and in the feedback we get from our families.

I am certified as a doula with Childbirth International and further educated in postpartum doula support with MaternityWise; and as a breastfeeding educator with the Texas Department of Health. I am a certified CPR instructor, teaching with The American Heart Association. I have served twice as Vice President of The Central Texas Doula Association.

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