Austin Baby Guru Services

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Austin Baby Guru specializes in early parenting support.

Austin Baby Guru provides in-home consults and customized services to help you decide what’s right for your family.

We offer a comprehensive and compassionate style of care for growing families.

Pregnancy Support:

  • Get ready classes:  Infant Safety/CPR, Newborn Care, Sibling Prep, Breastfeeding Basics
  • Use our experience to prepare for choosing a doctor, nanny, and other professionals. We can help with product recommendations to avoid unneeded stuff! Since we have supported so many families in Austin, we have built a local resource list of service providers and products that benefit growing families.  As new parents, these are things that are often overlooked in preparing for baby’s arrival.

New Baby Support:

  • Postpartum doula care sets you up with a great parenting foundation. We help in your home to get you comfortable and confident with your new baby. An overnight doula will also help you get needed sleep and support you in learning how to set good sleep habits for your baby.

Ongoing support as your child grows:

  • Parenting guidance for all of those difficult transitions coming up, such as:

Sleep issues, potty training, discipline issues, child care and school transitions etc.

You and your baby are our priority.

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