Check out our favorite online resources & apps for new parents!

Tracking apps help new parents to keep detailed notes of baby’s feeding and sleeping schedules.

This information can come in handy in the early days, when you’re unsure if baby’s getting enough to eat, eliminating regularly, and so on. It can also help you to understand patterns in baby’s daily habits, and potentially influence the creation of different ones that are more beneficial.

These apps can sync to multiple users:

FeedBaby App


BabyConnect App

SproutBaby App

Other baby trackers:

GlowBaby App

The Wonder Weeks App – excellent for explaining neurological development stages week by week

BabySparks – app for suggesting activities and ideas for playtime with baby 

BabyPics App – This special photo app helps you track pregnancy & baby milestones in the first year 


Jumelle App

>> The BabyConnect App mentioned above is also great for twins!

Play It Safe – 

MommyMeds – double-check your medications and any potential interactions they may have with breastfeeding or pregnancy. This app from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will help you figure out which medications are okay, in specific amounts.

Baby Sparks App – This great app offers ideas for developmental play with your infant. You can put in the age of the baby you are working with and it will offer age-appropriate ideas as the baby grows. There is a free version but the $2 a month version is well worth the expense.

“Baby Nuggets with Danielle” on YouTube is a great series of videos for developmental play with babies of all ages. Her Newborn Play video is really helpful for brand new parents to interact with their little ones! Watch it below:

Baby Sign Language – Top Ten Starter Signs – It’s never too early to begin baby signs! Also, babies love watching hand gestures so even though newborns are too young to understand the signs, you get to practice while they get the benefits of eye contact, physical touch, and interaction with you!

Babies who learn to sign are actually able to communicate much earlier than those who only communicate via typical speech development. Learning to communicate by signing allows babies to become more independent, and therefore less frustrated, at an earlier age. This is a great site for first signs. If you click on the little film icon next to the description of the sign, it links to simple video demonstrations of each sign.

7 Swaddles – Knowing how to swaddle properly is often an important tool for soothing newborns and young babies. This site offers a great video series of 7 swaddles that can be very helpful during the early days of infancy (We use the Houdini swaddle a lot):

Gastropods: First Foods and Learning to Eat – An interesting podcast about infants and food, the history of baby food and the “flavor window”, when babies are developmentally more open and accepting of new tastes.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance – Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas – for when your life feels like it’s going off the rails… PPHA is a great resource for practical help and support. One in seven new moms is affected by Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs), which include but are not limited to Postpartum Depression.
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