I cannot stress enough the importance of hanging out with other women who are doing what you’re doing.  Sometimes the shift to parenthood is made harder because your current social group is not in the parenting stage. Find a Moms’ group to be a part of!

You might be saying to yourself…”But what about my partner?”  ” But I already have friends.”

Joining a moms’ group will not replace these important people in your life. Your moms’ group will serve a different purpose.
These are the women experiencing and trying out the good and the bad

  • lack of sleep
  • what swaddles work
  • breastfeeding
  • trying out bottles
  • using a sling/carrier
  • relationship adjustments

These are some of the things you’ll discuss. Then there are also the sensitive issues of body image, careers, and relationships. Gathering with other mothers gives you a place to gather valuable resources, and ask all your parenting questions – from sleep and schedules, to finding child care (and everything in between) to make this time smoother, easier and more enjoyable.
If you are a stay at home mom,  is an excellent motivator to get you out of the house. Moms’ group outings can give some structure to your week. You will make a commitment to meet up on Thursday morning at 11 am and by gosh, you better be there, no matter how many times you have to clean spit up off  your shirt before you leave the house.  As a working mom, it will give you the support in parenting that is often hard found in the workplace. It will help you to stay connected to whatever parenting path you choose.
Wondering how popular mothers’ groups are? According to a recent survey, 37 percent of BabyCenter moms belong to a mothers’ group. And the groups are fairly large — 52 percent said their group has 10 or more women in it.
Now, where do you find such groups? If you are an Austin mom, I have an updated list  (click here).

Moms living outside of Austin, moms’ groups can often be found through your yoga instructor, doula, hospital, friends, or on line through parenting groups (Facebook has so many of these!).