We love our babies.
We love our client’s babies

1. Sleep. 
You’re exhausted. You thought you’d have more energy. But we know that you just need a few extra hours of sleep. Our night-time post partum doulas can help you get some more Zzzzz’s!

2. Emotional support
Your hormones are still on the mend. ABG doulas know how to help you handle them better.

3. Expert knowledge 
Being experts in the area puts ABG post partumdoulas in the perfect position to guide you through the process – infant safety, newborn care, infant sleep, breastfeeding, and more!

4. Lower risk of postpartum depression
When you have professionals around, warning signs and symptoms are identified quickly. Simply having the help can often head off the baby blues.

5. Helps family members adjust
Being in your home allows the ABG doulas to see how everyone is getting used to the new family dynamic and offer suggestions for easing everyone into new roles.

6. Someone to take care of YOU!
Family members who want to help sometimes live far away and are unable to help you themselves. And new moms can get overwhelmed taking care of everything – the baby, the household, the new daddy. ABG post partum doulas come in and nurture you – so you can get energized and ready for your new role.

7. Practical help
Sometimes looking up from the couch or the bed and seeing the house in disarray can really stress out a new mom. ABG post partum doulas often offer a little help around the house, can toss a load of baby laundry into the washer, or even fix you a meal.   We’ll look after and cuddle with your baby while you take an uninterrupted shower… or maybe even a nap!

8. We know babies. 
Our trained professionals know what to expect with newborns and even what to do when the unexpected sometimes arises. From baby-soothing techniques to helping you develop a fabulous mother-baby bond – we’ll share our tips and techniques.

9. New Moms gain confidence. 
Having someone there beside you that can walk you through probably the most vulnerable time of your life. We can help you overcome frustration and anxiety, helping you gain the confidence you need for the road ahead.

10. Referrals and resources.
So many things are new when you become a first-time parent. The Austin Baby Guru is well-connected in the community. We bring so many referrals and resources you may not even know exist! This will make your life so much easier!